5 tips for leading a healthier, fitter life.

In no particular order…

1. STRENGTH TRAINING- everyone should be doing it, by becoming stronger you will increase your chances of achieving your goal whatever it is. Stronger doesn’t mean bigger, don’t think of huge bulging muscles. You can be strong and lean at the same time. some really basic guidelines for getting stronger:

Lift weights in the 2-5 rep range over 3-5 sets
Rest 2-5 min between sets to fully recover
Never train to failure, always leave a rep in the tank for getting stronger
Focus on compound movements

2. CUT OUT SUGAR FOR THE NEXT 30 DAYS- Sugar, also known as white death! You are thinking that sounds impossible, trust me I know. The first week will be hell but after that each week gets easier and by the end of the 30 days you will have a much better handle on your addiction. Why bother you might ask, well in short sugar has no nutritional value in the body, causes rapid changes in insulin which will cause that “crash” you get after eating something sweet and its heavily calorie dense causing you to overeat. Lose the sugar, lose weight, gain more energy, and feel great.

3. IF YOU HIT A PLATEAU, CHANGE SOMETHING- Either your working out really hard, made some good progress but feel like you are no longer doing this or possibly never made any progress to begin with. If you are not getting the result you are after then you are not doing something right. It could be a training issue, nutrition issue or even a lifestyle issue. Speak to a professional and change something or you will be in the same situation a year from now even more irritated with your lack of progress.

4. GET OUTSIDE- Go for a walk at lunch, take your training outside, play a sport. Whatever it is just get outside and let the elements hit you. Brit’s are chronically low in vitamin D as we do not get enough sunshine in this country, every chance you get to be out, make the most of it. Maybe this just means walking to the office rather than taking the tube once a week, get in the fresh air and feel better.

5. GET YOUR REST- Life is all about pushing hard but also resting is as important. For every hard workout you do or each stressful business meeting you attend you need to re-fuel your internal tank or you will end up burnt out, injured and sick. This can include getting a solid 8 hours sleep per night and yes what your mum told you about the hours before midnight being more important than the hours after is actually true. This could mean eating a nutritious meal, going on a holiday 1-2 times per year and switching off to all the stressors in life. Work hard, rest harder!!!