Happy New Year!!!

2014, it’s that time again. Time for everyone to start making promises of new years resolutions that involve giving up something or starting an exercise routine that will last all of about… 1 week.

To be successful in the new year you need to set yourself a new years goal not a resolution. What’s the difference? well a goal is target driven with an end date, For instance a goal for myself in 2014 is to hit a 3 times bodyweight deadlift. To do this I will have to hit specific mini goals along the way to keep me motivated and when I hit that 225kg I will have achieved what I set out to do. A new year resolution would be, for me to be better on social media (hence this blog) or to give up smoking (luckily I don’t smoke). Both of these don’t really have an end date where you can actually say you achieved it.

If you really wanted to do the thing you have opted to do for you’re new years resolution, you would have just done it months ago and not waited until now to give it a try.

My advice, have a new years resolution as it never hurt anybody but if your serious about achieving something in 2014 then set yourself goals. With these goals you then need to write down a date to complete them by and set mini targets along the way to achieving that goal so you know your on track and staying motivated.

If that goal/resolution is to be fit and healthy in the new year then let me give you some advice on this. January is the busiest month for gyms signing up all the motivated people who have indulged over Christmas. Why do 75% of these people never make it past the first month? well… quite simply. You jump in at the deep end before you can swim, let me explain.

So you spend the whole year being physically inactive and eating less than optimal food, you then decide to join a gym and feel its necessary to go 7 days a week for 90min at a time and wonder why you’re body feels broken by week 2, you have no energy and feel like crap. It’s all too much, you need the advice of a trainer, this is what we do for a living. Ease yourself in by doing only 3 workouts per week and having days in between to recover, you need a programme written to address where your current level of fitness is not just jumping on the treadmill until you fall off. Then your new healthy diet… might just not be so healthy. What most of my clients think is healthy when they first come to see me is far from it.

So there it is, set goals, measurable goals and keep track.

Get advice from a fitness professional with a track record for getting results and do what they say, stick with it and maybe 2014 might just be the year you finally nail that body you have been after.

Good luck,