New Year New You

Its that time of year again, Christmas is over and the new year approaches fast. I have thrown together a quick few tips to get the most out of your new years resolutions:

1. Don’t be unrealistic in your expectations for January! You have taken years of no exercise and bad eating habits to get to the way you are now so accept its going to take a little longer than 2-3 weeks to put that right.

2. Set goals! This is the next step, you need goals to keep you on track, your first one can be simply to go exercise 3 times per week during January. No more, no less. Next set strength or fitness goals, enter a race during May. Don’t just rely on “how you look” or “what the scales say” get fitter and stronger with measurable goals and I promise you that you will look way better in your swim wear this year over the last few.

3. Get the help of a personal trainer! Ideally a trainer that has a strong nutrition qualification and is someone that leads by example. We spend months and years learning about how the body works and the best ways to make it healthier, stronger, leaner and fitter. If your not seeing results its because you are not doing it right… simple.

4. Accept fitness as a lifestyle choice and not a quick fix! When I first tell clients that they will need to exercise every week for the rest of their lives they always look at me funny. 4/8/12 week programmes do not work, yes they will get some initial results but then you need to continue if you wish to keep them. The amount you have to exercise per week is going to totally depend on your goals and lifestyle, it might be as little as 2 hours a week it might be as much as 5 45min sessions per week. This is where you need to work with a professional to work out what is going to be right for you, the biggest mistake I see in the new year is people going to the gym 6 days a week for 3 weeks and burning out as they are not fit enough to recover from that level of training.

5. Enjoy the process! As I mentioned earlier this is a long term commitment so you need to enjoy it. Pick activities that you want to do, gym, dancing, playing squash. For me once I get a client hooked on the progress that can be made with strength training suddenly they enjoy the gym as they have a reason to go, to improve!

6. Look at more than 1 gym! When choosing which gym to join, make sure you look around and see whats on offer. Do not join a gym just because it has a sauna, I promise the novelty will ware off and you will not use it more than a handful of times. Look at the distance from your house, speak to the personal trainers, look at the type of members, can you afford it, does the gym have weights and not just t These are all important factors that will affect your progress.

So there you go, for more information on getting in the best shape ever in 2015 get in contact.

Have a great New Year