adam-testimonialBefore I started training with Adam I was stuck in a rut. Week in week out I would combine Zumba classes and body pump classes and saw absolutely no change in my body or weight. I finally decided to get a personal trainer and have not looked back.

No two training session with Adam are the same. From bear crawling around the gym, kettle bell exercises or burpees I enjoy every minute. Adam is always there encouraging and supporting me throughout and helping me push myself harder than ever before.

In the last 8 months I have been training I have not only seen changes in my body but in my confidence and attitude towards exercise. I would recommend Adam to anyone no matter your age, sex or fitness level – He will have you reaching goals you thought were not possible!!

Thank you Adam!

Francesca D
Tunbridge Wells
Emma G

I first started working with Adam in June 2010 after a 2 week holiday and had transferred from another trainer. At that time my training had consisted mainly of weight training and although I was smaller, I was stockier and still had a lot of work to go. My mum had been training with Adam and had achieved amazing results and so wanted me to train with him too. My initial weight was just over 14stone… I’m now scraping 11stone. I’m now the smallest I’ve ever been in my adult life and definitely the most energetic and now able to keep up with my 4yr old daughter. I’ve rediscovered myself and with his support and motivation have entered into my first half marathon for this coming September. I see him weekly and am unsure what I’d do without him now.

Emma Povey
Emma G

As a 56 year old I had been struggling with weight loss and exercise prior to my bereavement (any excuse not going) and so after, with my daughter dragging me back to the gym I realised I needed help especially with motivation.

Initially Adam worked with me to get me back into exercise but with the doctor telling me something had to change with my weight (blood pressure was up, diabetes was fast approaching) and alcohol consumption increased, from January 2010 we worked on diet and exercise as well. My weight loss and fitness improvement has been steady and Adam with his professional attitude has been challenging, and supportive. From June 2010 my daughter also changed to work with him. He has found our competitive streak and used it constructively with us. During the times when I’ve struggled Adam has been ready with strategies and encouragement for me to continue.

I started at size 22-24 and am now 10-12 having lost 6 ½ stone, I’ve never been this small.

The journey continues with Adam challenging my expectations regarding my fitness levels and what can be achieved.

Linda Stenning
Emma G

Before I started PT I was a regular gym goer and was under the illusion that I was in relatively good shape. At the start of the year (2011) I decided to enlist the help of a personal trainer. Whilst I thought I was in good shape I wanted to take my training to the next level and realized that I did not have the knowledge or motivation to reach my goals on my own. I contacted Adam and we sat down and discussed my objectives and set up a plan on how to reach them.

When I first started training with Adam my body fat was 14.6% and after the first session I was fully aware that I wasn’t in as good shape as I had once thought. In just over 6 months my body fat had dropped to 6.9% and my fitness had improved dramatically. Workouts that I had struggled to finish when we first started I am now not only finishing but also setting respectable times. As I write this today I am in even better shape and am now aiming for my new goals. Goals that I know with Adams help I will surpass.

Adam not only introduced me to new methods of exercise but also changed my whole mentality in terms of how to approach a workout. He gave me the confidence and belief in myself to succeed. When you train with Adam you will be working harder than you have ever done before and it will be tough but he will be there with you every step of the way to ensure that you surpass your own goals and expectations.

Many thanks Adam

James Gilham
Katie Latham

I have always been an exercise junkie, but in 2009 2 years after having a baby, I felt like I had hit a wall in terms of seeing the changes in my body from the effort I felt I was putting in. I was pounding the treadmill, working hard in classes but my body tone, shape or weight wasn’t changing and I was pinning for my flat abs back that I had had pre pregnancy. I wasn’t overweight and my goal wasn’t to lose weight but to tone and get fitter. Being a single working mum, means that the time I have to work out is limited and it is even more important to use that time doing the right sort of exercises rather than just straight cardio.

So, in Spring 2009 I took the plunge and started personal training with Adam. No longer was I spending time running on the treadmill with no physical results, instead I was working with weights, kettlebells, doing timed circuits and more recently crossfit workouts. I am stronger, fitter and leaner that I ever thought was possible. I have defined muscle tone on almost all parts of my body without being bulky or too bony.

Three years later, I still train with Adam once a week, complimented with gym sessions, crossfit workouts, swimming and fitness classes, I even have 2 kettlebells of my own at home! I feel so fit, healthy and happy; I know I have more energy than most and this is down to the level of fitness I have achieved. So whether it’s working in London day in day out, running around after a 4 year old or out throwing some shapes(!) I always have some energy which can be pulled out of the bag. This year’s goal is to maintain my title ‘Adam’s fittest female client!’ and also taking part in my first triathlon. Being fit and healthy is a way of life; you get out what you put in.

Personal training with Adam is fun, challenging and never boring. It isn’t just an hour’s session and that’s it, there are goals to work to, whether set by you or by Adam. He is always full of useful advice on good foods to eat and how to beat any competitors! It is money well spent, as I always have the mojo I get from session with Adam with me for at least 48 hours after.

Thank you thank you thank you!

Katie Latham

The desire to shed the pounds of early motherhood first led me to Adam’s personal training sessions. Having once been in the British Gymnastics team, I didn’t enjoy feeling fat, unfit and 40. So, the decision was made to change two of the three issues I had control over. It turned out to be a two-pronged attack. I discovered I took naturally to Pole Fitness thanks to my gymnastics background. But in order to improve – fast (I have no patience), I needed to get stronger – fast. Enter Adam. Within a month of training an hour a week with him, I noticed a difference in my strength and weight. I went to the gym once or twice a week on my own as a top up and did my pole class. My exercise programme was perfectly designed to suit my needs and the experience was life changing.

Three years on, I’m happy, fit and strong. In October I won the British Isles Amateur Pole Dancing Championships (They should be called Pole Fitness Championships really as there’s very little dancing involved.). Much of the credit must go to Adam. Now he’s helping me train for more competitions. There are even times when I think I don’t feel 40+ anymore!

Yvette Austin

Yvette Austin
Terry K

I have been training with Adam for just over a year now and never once have I regretted starting Personal Training.

Prior to meeting Adam, I had been plagued with a series of illnesses that left me very unfit and overweight. When I recovered I attended my Gym regularly, but after about a year I found my progress and improvement in both fitness and weight reduction was negligible and consequently I became demoralised.

Realising some drastic action was required I saw Adam and explained the situation and asked him if he would train me. For the first two training sessions I was absolutely useless and very tired after what I now realize were very easy training sessions. This also made me realize how very unfit I had become.

Determined to change this situation I have worked very hard over the last year and it is coming together where my fitness has improved out of all proportion and I am gradually slimming down. As Adam said when you consider how long it has taken to get into this state there is no overnight cure it’s all down to regular dedicated training, hard work and diet!

So what is the difference between Personal Training and just training from a program given to me by a Gym Instructor where I was left to get on with it?

Every training session with Adam is different, so you never think, “Oh here we go again” as you can with the standard gym issued program. He explains and demonstrates clearly and concisely what he wants you to do and encourages and monitors you throughout the session. All of these elements promote a high degree of motivation. As a result I always look forward to the next session.

If you require nutritional advice Adam will willingly provide it.

It doesn’t matter what your age, weight or physical fitness is Adam will help you achieve your goals.

It’s all working for me!

Terry K
Simon M

I started attending Adam’s gymnastics classes in T Wells and discovered a whole new, fun way to work out! Adam’s style is totally engaging and I have therefore used Adam on a PT basis to help me achieve my goals as a fitness model. Every session is different, well researched and, a great laugh (while half killing me!!)

I’ve trained all over the world during a long and varied career – Adam’s as good as it gets”

Simon M
Tunbridge Wells

I have been following Adams online personal training plan for the last 3 months and cannot believe the results. I have been trying to lose weight through working out with no luck and thought I would give Adam a try. Each week I receive my workouts for that week, they are simple to follow and push me harder than I ever thought I could be pushed. My results speak for themselves, I lost 7kg of fat and feel great, my fitness and strength is better than it’s ever been. I will be continuing with Adam as I think his training is fantastic. Thank youAshley

Paddock Wood