Top 5 Diet Mistakes.

With the start of the new year, it’s that time where diet’s are the hot topic and more than ever there seems to be so much confusion about what works.

Here are my top 5 mistakes people make with food and diet:

1. Following a diet has to be the number one mistake I see people make. There are enough diets out there for you to start a new one every week this year, some say no protein or no carb or low fat, maybe just drinking fruit juice for a week. The one main thing these diets have in common is calorie restriction, and as you won’t be eating much you won’t be able to maintain the diet for the long term. most people I talk to have tried multiple diets and have had the same result, failed after a few weeks. Get out of the mind set of ‘Diets’ and adopt a healthy way to live all the time.

2. Give it time to work, this is true of the training side also but so many people I will see quitting after 2 weeks as they have not seen the results they were expecting straight away. If you choose to give something a go, stick with it for at least 4 weeks and then assess how you feel, it takes time for our bodies to adapt and repair from years of abuse.

3. Low fat! If it says low fat what it really means is full of crap. Fat is the number one fuel for our bodies and without it you will not achieve the physique you are after. If your body has a constant flow of healthy fats (coconut oil, nuts) then it will use your stored fat as a preferable fuel and  you will become leaner.

4. Not preparing your own food, don’t rely on shop bought lunches. Take some time on a sunday to prepare some food for the week. In the evenings when your making dinner, make extra to take the next day. Good nutrition is 90% preparation, take the time to get prepared and save yourself a lot of time and money in the week making bad food choices.

5. Breakfast cereals and bars. This has to be the worst way to start your day, cereals are highly processed and not only contain no nutritional value they actually contain anti nutrients which will harm your immune system. You need to start your day with a proper meal, stop looking at breakfast as a different meal to any other and make sure it includes plenty of protein and healthy fats. One of the best breakfasts you can make quick could be a bacon and spinach omelette cooked in coconut oil. Real food.

So there you go, a few tips to get you on the correct track this year. If this article got you thinking and you would like to learn more then get in contact with me for a nutritional consultation and finally drop the dieting once and for all.