5 fitness and nutrition myths debunked

After more than 12 years in the health and fitness industry it amazes me that I am still working to get people to stop believing these following myths, non of them have any scientific studies backing them. If you are still adhering to 1 or more of these it could be the reason you are not seeing the results you are after.


  1. Running makes you lose fat… Not correct, low intensity jogging which is what I see most people do will make you burn muscle as fuel which in turn will make you gain fat. Our bodies are very clever and will adapt very well to the stress we put them under. Long slow running will shift your body to get rid of heavy muscle in place of light fat which is great for energy. If you are running with the intention of getting in better physical condition favour sprints in place of long distance runs.
  2. 6 small meals a day is better than 3 large ones as it boosts metabolism… Not correct. Food is unable to boost metabolism, the only way to do that is through exercise and the addition of muscle mass. (more muscular people will burn a higher amount of muscle). At the end of the day its about how many calories you consume, that doesn’t matter is its over 6 meals or 1. I would actually argue that by eating small and regular you risk actually eating a higher amount of calories over the day.
  3. You need to spend an hour in the gym… Not correct, don’t get me wrong you absolutely can but if you only have 30 minutes to spare than a high intensity workout is a great idea. Its not the amount of work you do its the quality. Try adding in 1 workout a week where you are in and out the gym in 30min.
  4. Don’t eat carbs after 6pm… Not correct. This is a blanket statement that has no facts or research. Food doesn’t stop digesting after 6pm and turn to fat… to get it to turn to fat first it must digest! Moderating your intake of carbs is a good idea but if you have trained in the evening after work it is actually a good idea to eat your carbs in the evening. Also carbs help the body release serotonin which helps you get a decent nights sleep.
  5. You shouldn’t stretch before a workout… Not always true. Yes I agree if you spend lots of time stretching you will lose a little bit of potential to produce force and lift the maximum weights. But if your mobility is so poor that you cannot get into the correct positions of the movements you therefore will not be lifting to your maximum either. So stretch if you need to get into a better position, if you have great mobility you won’t need to.